Paulina Strzegowska graduated with honors the Academy of Music in Cracow in saxophone class. When she was 11 she began to play the saxophone in State Music School of the I Degree in Słupsk and then she continued her journey in State Music School of F. Nowowiejskiego in Gdańsk. Since she was 6 she studied to play the piano and she graduated form Private Music School in Łeba.

During her studies she played as a saxophonist in the Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre in Cracow in a play “Sejm Kobiet” according to Arystofanes directed by Mikołaj Grabowski. For four years she had been playing in Wybrzerze Theatre in “Ciała Obce” directed by Kuba Kowalski which was staged in Scena Kameralna in Sopot. In this spectacle she contributed to the live music as she improvised to percussionist. This spectacle was recorded by the Polish Television TVP as a part of the Festival “Interpretacje” in Katowice and broadcasted in TVP Culture.

Paulina for years has been tied with Tricity. She took an active part in numerous musical projects, among them she set up one of the first in Poland vocal-saxophone duets “Golden Girls” which played club music. Multiple times she performed in live-acts with DJs from Tricity, Toruń and Warsaw. For instace, she cooperated with DJ Adamus with whom she played “Zakończenie Lata z Radiem”(“The End of Summer with Radio”) in Piła. She as well played in a reggae band and performed with jazz pianists and guitarists. She is open to work with other artists and various genres.

Paulina did major in classical music, however, for many years she has been working in an entertainment sector. She feels perfectly in jazz, blues, soul, club and pop atmosphere. She makes covers of famous pieces in her own arrangements. She is a comprehensive saxophonist as she can play Alto, Soprano and Tenor.

She improved her instrumental workshop during numerous musical workshops and taking lessons from prominent musicians such as Piotr Baron, Emil Kowalski, Wojciech Mrozek, Zbigniew Namysłowski or Maciej Sikała.

As a musician she cooperated with the Netherland’s Consulate in Gdańsk, Marshal’s Office of Gdańsk, Gdynia City Hall, Gdańsk Chamber of Legal Advisers, Łeba City Hall and with companies: Ferrari Poland, Prudential, ING Bank, MTM S.A., TORPOL S.A, Accor, Sheraton.